ArtGames 2.0

The ArtGames app featured seven video games based on seven artworks in the Albright-Knox’s collection. 

(If you're looking for screen-free activities, we also have at-home art activities for adults, families, and kids of all ages.)

ArtGames 2.0 promotional graphic with visual elements from all seven games

Special Delivery

Special Delivery is inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s The Old Mill, 1888, and the original Mario Bros. Maneuver a man with flowers around obstacles and villains from van Gogh’s paintings. Your objective is to reach your love with at least one flower to present to her.

ArtGames 2.0 - Special Delivery


Progress is inspired by Robert Delaunay’s Sun, Tower, Airplane, 1913, and Temple Run. Roll along platforms that resemble the Eiffel Tower, jump from platform to platform, roll up and slide down ladders, and turn corners. Crash through a wall to advance to the next level.

ArtGames 2.0 - Progress


Equilibrian is inspired by Piet Mondrian’s Composition No. 11, 1940-42—LONDON, with Blue, Red, and Yellow, 1940–42. Create asymmetrical balance by placing weighted colors on the board as the canvas teeters on a single point of balance. Your objective is to accomplish Mondrian’s idea of abstract balance and harmony through asymmetry.

ArtGames 2.0 - Equilibrian


Infinity is inspired by Clyfford Still’s PH-48 (1957-D-No. 1), 1957, and Still’s concept of “the vertical necessity of life.” Maneuver an abstract character around obstacles as it ascends in an endless vertically scrolling space. Your objective is to ascend as far as possible.

ArtGames 2.0 - Infinity


Snap! is a puzzle game inspired by Jorge Pardo’s Untitled, 2008. Fit pieces together in order to complete a series of increasingly difficult puzzles. The game pieces are drawn from elements from Pardo’s work.

ArtGames 2.0 - Snap!

Karma Catch

Karma Catch is inspired by Do Ho Suh’s Karma, 2010. Maneuver a character on the bottom of the screen to catch descending people while avoiding falling obstacles. Your objective is to ascend as high as possible, without toppling the stack of people.

ArtGames 2.0 - Karma Catch

Light Quest

Light Quest is an immersive 3D flying game inspired by Jason Middlebrook’s Underlife, 2012–13. Fly around the sculpture and collect orbs while avoiding obstacles before time runs out in each level.

ArtGames 2.0 - Light Quest

About ArtGames

ArtGames 2.0 strives to harness young people’s enthusiasm for video games and interactive experiences in order to engage them with modern and contemporary art. By bridging the gap between the virtual worlds of youth-focused video and Internet games and the real world of art objects in museums, we aspire to create new models for learning about art and developing visual literacy through gaming.

The Albright-Knox partnered with the International Center for Excellence in Animation at Daemen College, Empire Visuals, and All Things Media to develop a series of seven video games based on seven works and artists in its collection. ArtGames 2.0 is a reinvention of the original ArtGames, which was conceived and designed by Albright-Knox educators in collaboration with computer animators, and launched in 2001.

ArtGames 2.0 launched in conjunction with the major special exhibition Screen Play: Life in an Animated World (June 20–September 13, 2015). An interactive launch party, Game On!, took place on Saturday, June 27, 2015.

Initiative Sponsors

The AK Innovation Lab was founded with leadership support from The John R. Oishei Foundation, The Seymour H. Knox Foundation, and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.