Visitor & Member Code of Conduct

The Buffalo AKG Art Museum has adopted the following code of conduct to ensure everyone’s enjoyment of its services and facilities. So that all who enter feel welcome and safe, museum visitors are required to comply with these guidelines.  

While at the museum:  

        Use Spaces as Intended  

  • Please view the art from a safe distance—look but refrain from touching artwork on display (unless invited to do so). 
  • Sketching with pencil in the galleries is welcome; however, the use of all other mark-making materials is limited to Studios.  
  • Consumption of food and drink, including chewing gum, is limited to designated areas. 
  • Sleeping, smoking, vaping, drug use, and inappropriate activities are not permitted in the restrooms or elsewhere on museum grounds.  

    Be Considerate of Other Visitors, Staff, and Volunteers 

  • Audible cell phone use should be kept to a minimum and take place outside gallery areas.  
  • Conduct that is disruptive to others or poses risks to the health or safety of other visitors, museum staff, or volunteers is prohibited. Conduct that poses any risk to the artworks, collections, or buildings is also prohibited. 
  • Solicitation or the sale, distribution, or posting of unauthorized materials is not allowed on the premises. 
  • Be respectful; obscene, harassing, or abusive language or action towards others is unacceptable. This policy applies to in-person and virtual museum programming and events.

    Act Responsibly to Ensure the Safety of Artwork, Yourself, and Others 

  • Children of all ages are welcome; please ensure they are attended at all times by an adult. Strollers and front-facing baby carriers are permitted. 
  • To prevent injury or harm to yourself, others, or artworks, it is important to walk slowly and carefully. Please refrain from running.   
  • Photography and video without flash is allowed and encouraged for personal, noncommercial purposes, unless otherwise noted. The following are not allowed in the galleries: commercial photography, portrait photography, private photo shoots, live streaming, tripods, and selfie sticks.
  • Please leave all backpacks, purses, and bags larger than 11 x 15 x 5 inches in our complimentary lockers. Small backpack-style purses and crossbody bags can be worn front-facing. Umbrellas may be left in holders near entrances and cannot enter the museum. Unsecured items are left at your own risk.  
  • Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and wheeled shoes or roller skates may not be brought or worn into the museum.  
  • Trained service animals are welcome; however, emotional support animals and pets are not permitted in the museum.
  • Weapons and firearms of any type are prohibited in the museum and on the museum grounds. 
  • Violating any federal, state, or local law, regulation, or ordinance, including any applicable public health mandate, is prohibited.  

Additional Disclaimers 

  • Visitors who do not contribute to a safe and welcoming environment for all will be invited to adjust their behavior. Anyone failing to do so upon request will be asked to leave the museum grounds without refund. 
  • The Buffalo AKG Art Museum reserves the right to inspect all items entering or exiting the premises.   
  • Please note that visitors to the museum may be photographed, filmed, or otherwise recorded via video or audio. By attending, you grant the museum permission to use photographs and/or audiovisual recordings in which you appear for archival, documentary, publicity, advertising, or other purposes. 
  • Please note that the museum issues advance tickets to manage attendance capacity. We encourage you to plan your visit in advance. The availability of same-day tickets may be limited. If you have any questions, please email

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination. If you experience or witness conduct that you believe is discriminatory, harassing, or inconsistent with this commitment, please reach out to an identified Buffalo AKG team member, or contact us at 716 270 8292 or The Buffalo AKG Art Museum aspires to create and maintain a welcoming environment where every visitor is treated with humanity, dignity, and respect.