Hiroshi Sugimoto

Japanese, active in United States, born 1948

North Pacific Ocean, Mt. Tamalpais

© Hiroshi Sugimoto

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North Pacific Ocean, Mt. Tamalpais, 1994

Artwork Details


gelatin silver print




sheet: 16 1/2 x 21 1/4 inches (41.91 x 53.97 cm)

Collection Buffalo AKG Art Museum


Charles Clifton Fund, 1996

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Over the course of several decades, Hiroshi Sugimoto photographed a series of seascapes with a large-format camera from a similar vantage point—from above the sea toward the horizon line, equally dividing the image into water and sky. To Sugimoto, the point where water and sky meet is important, signifying the unity between physical and spiritual realms. The creation of images like North Pacific Ocean, Mt. Tamalpais, Sugimoto states, aids in his ongoing search for what is “invisible to our everyday consciousness.” Through the lens of his camera, he bears witness to what he considers to be “the creation of the universe” by observing the natural elements of water, air, and light.

Label from Anselm Kiefer: Beyond Landscape, November 17, 2013–October 5, 2014