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Artist’s Eye on the Collection: Julie Mehretu

Saturday, January 24, 2004Sunday, March 28, 2004

Installation view of Artist’s Eye on the Collection: Julie Mehretu. Photograph by Biff Henrich.

1905 Building

To accompany her exhibition, Julie Mehretu: Drawings into Paintings, the artist selected works from the museum collection that resonate with her own concerns with historical narrative, the intersection of figuration and abstraction with place and space, and articulating personal language of signs and symbols. Mehretu's selections spanned the range of the collection chronologically—from Albert Bierstadt’s The Marina Piccola, Capri, 1859, to Kara Walker’s African/American, 1998—and materially—from Nancy Grave's large-scale drawing Grand Canyon of Mars—5,000 kilometers along Martian Equator, 1973, to Richard Long's sculptural installation Santa Cruz Circle, 1997—as organized under three different themes: History/Space/Abstraction, Artists’ Personal Languages, Intimate Works (Landscapes, Seascapes, Moonscapes).