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Organic Shape Painting and Collage

Featuring Paul Feeley's Asellus​​​​​​​, 1964

Paul Feeley (American, 1910–1966). Asellus, 1964. Oil-based enamel on canvas, 101 x 101 inches (256.5 x 256.5 cm). Collection Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York; Bequest of Arthur B. Michael, by exchange, 2014 (2014:18.2a-d).

Lesson Plan Details

Featuring Paul Feeley's Asellus, 1964

Conceptual Basis

Composed of simple multi-hued forms, Paul Feeley’s symmetrical compositions are rhythmic and bold, possessing a crisp energy and vitality. The precise structure and lines of Feeley’s shapes and his smooth application of paint contrast with the organic, loose forms that fill his canvases. This lesson focuses of the various elements and principles of art found in Feeley’s works, including shape, color, space, and rhythm.