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Los Artistas del Barrio Buffalo on Henri Matisse's La Musique, 1939

September 15, 2021

Henri Matisse (French, 1869–1954). La Musique, 1939. Oil on canvas, 45 3/8 x 45 3/8 inches (115.3 x 115.3 cm). Collection Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York; Room of Contemporary Art Fund, 1940 (RCA1940:13). © Succession H. Matisse / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.

Henri Matisse's La Musique, 1939, feels so current and applicable to what we try to do as artists in Los Artistas del Barrio Buffalo. Gathering around, talking about our work, and developing together as artists, performers, and musicians is essential as creators, and we use our discussions as a platform for inspiration and growth.

The women are as chill and confident as can be. One woman is sitting on a cushion that is placed on the beautiful red tile floor, contrasting with a pattern of lush but flat, large green leaves that remind us of the flora in Puerto Rico. This scene feels reminiscent of many homes that are nestled throughout La Isla de Encanto.

These ladies are strong, beautiful, maybe flirtatious, and very much full of swag. Las mujeres de Los Artistas can relate! With the sheet music prominently placed next to one, the other is ready to jam with her guitar. It is apparent that art is of great importance, and that is exactly how we feel as creators in Los Artistas del Barrio Buffalo. It is the art that pulls us together and allows us to make a positive impact that is shared amongst all of us and la comunidad hispana we serve.

Matisse appreciated innovation and creativity in art, never shying away from unusual mediums or themes. He explored and pushed his own creative boundaries, and was open to the influences and ideas of his contemporaries. Matisse's style was very much his own, and when looking at his work, still feels quite modern. It is no wonder why his work continues to be highly influential with artists of all genres.

Los Artistas del Barrio Buffalo is grateful for Matisse's journey as an artist. He continues to inspire and influence us, which is something we hope to do: to pass down and move forward with our commitment to both creativity and community that continues to uplift our future Latino/a/x and Hispanic artists.

About Los Artistas del Barrio Buffalo

Los Artistas del Barrio Buffalo is an arts collaborative that highlights the talents of Latino/a/x and Hispanic artists of every genre in Western New York. In 2016, four friends—Michele Agosto, Aileen Gonzalez-Marti, Will Rodriguez, and Vinny Alejandro—got together to promote their work in an art exhibition that promoted and highlighted their Latino/Hispanic roots. Today, we continue to grow, reaching out to artistas of all genres to join us as we believe our roots celebrated through this unique arts collaborative make us all better and stronger, and hopefully more visible. 

Join them for Los Artistas del Barrio Extravaganza – A Red Carpet Affair at their new home at Asbury Arts Center at Babeville on Friday, September 17, from 6 to 11 pm.