Ingrid Calame

American, born 1965

Mittal Steel No. 1 Shipping 192-208

Ingrid Calame (American, born 1965). Mittal Steel No. 1 Shipping 192-208, 2009. Latex and enamel paint, dimensions variable (site installation). Collection Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York; Evelyn Rumsey Carey, George Carey, Charles Clifton Funds, and Charles Clifton Fund, by exchange, 2009 (2009:20). © 2009 Ingrid Calame.

© Ingrid Calame

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Mittal Steel No. 1 Shipping 192-208, 2009

Artwork Details


latex and enamel paint


dimensions variable

Collection Buffalo AKG Art Museum


Multiple Purchase Funds, 2009

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