Irit Hemmo

Israeli, born 1961


© Irit Hemmo

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Untitled, 1992

Artwork Details


ink on paper


sheet: 39 1/2 x 27 inches (100.33 x 68.58 cm)

Collection Buffalo AKG Art Museum


Charles W. Goodyear Fund, 1993

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Irit Hemmo creates imagery that is embedded in the human experience of the landscape through an approach to artmaking that is part formal analysis, part Minimalist theory, and part unpredictability. During the 1990s she created a series of works whose compositions are based on simple geometric patterns and shapes. Although these drawings build on the language of abstraction, they simultaneously call on images of industrial materials, such as metal and carbon paper, and the tactility of the natural world. For instance, Untitled appears from afar to be a series of rigid, steel-like stripes against a white background. However, Hemmo’s fluid and striated application of the ink also evokes bamboo or tree trunks.

Label from Drawing: The Beginning of Everything, July 8–October 15, 2017