Family Activity Inspired by Hervé Tullet: Shape and Color

In this activity inspired by Hervé Tullet: Shape and Color, you will create a collage that’s a complete surprise!

Installation view of Hervé Tullet: Shape and Color at Albright-Knox Northland. Photo: Amanda Smith for Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York.

About the Artist

Hervé Tullet is rarely found without paint somewhere on his clothes or hands. He is an artist who simply cannot resist immersing himself in the material of his work. In part, this is because work is play for him and, let’s face it, play is fun! Tullet is endlessly curious, always tinkering with the world around him and considering color and shapes in his environment as invitations to interact.


  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pen (optional)

Artmaking Activity

1. Select one piece of paper to be your background.

2. Cut out 15 shapes. Try using different colored pieces.

3. Pick out one shape and drop it on the paper. Wherever it lands, glue it down. Try dropping the shapes from closer to the paper and further away from the paper.

4. Repeat until you are all out of shapes.

5. Look at your surprise collage! What does it remind you of? Optional: Does that shape look like a cat? Using a pen, add in drawings that the shapes remind you of.


Shape: A form created when a line is enclosed

Collage: A form of art created by sticking various materials together

Surprise: The feeling caused by something unexpected