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Recycled Reconstruction

Featuring Lucas Samaras’s Reconstruction #28, 1977

Lucas Samaras (American; Greek, 1936). Reconstruction #28, 1977. Sewn fabrics on canvas support, 104 x 77 inches (264.16 x 195.58 cm). Collection Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York; Charles Clifton and Edmund Hayes Funds, 1979 (1979:2).

Lesson Plan Details

Featuring Lucas Samaras’sReconstruction #28, 1977

Conceptual Basis

Fascinated with a variety of unique materials such as kitschy textiles and tinfoil, contemporary artist Lucas Samaras reconstructs salvaged scraps into energetic compositions filled with shapes, lines, and angles. Inspired by the artmaking process of Samaras, your students can reassemble recycled materials such as labels, newsprint, and scrap papers into a detailed composition.