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Nusantara Arts

Friday, June 23, 2023

5:30 pm - 7:30 pm EDT

Image courtesy of Nusantara Arts.

Experience the Gamelan music of Indonesia and its associated shadow puppet theater called Wayang Kulit with Nusantara Arts. Each performance will include dance, storytelling, artmaking, and traditional Indonesian snacks!

All questions related to performance accessibility, inquiries, and requests related to special needs for our performance guests can be sent to Please have all accessibility requests sent at least two weeks prior to the performance. 

Rajamala and the Lake of Watari

In the Kingdom of Wiratha, There is trouble in the streets, and the people are upset. investigating the turmoil, King Matwaspati and his son Raden Seta discover a secret plot to overthrow the kingdom by his own nephews: Rajamala and his two brothers Kencakarupa, and Rupakenca, elite citizens of Wiratha. 
The kingdom is holding a human strength contest. Rajamala is seemingly unbeatable, with endless stamina and strength, becoming more popular with the people. Bima of the Pandawa family, living secretly in Wiratha disguised as the name “Jagal Abilawa,” attempts to challenge Rajamala and is defeated every time. His brother Arjuna discovers that every time Rajamala gets tired or is injured, he bathes in the lake of Watari, restoring him to full strength and making him nearly invincible. The Pandawas must figure out a way to defeat Rajamala and his brothers, or the kingdom of Wiratha will be lost.