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Lap-See Lam

Swedish, born 1990

Photo: Beatrice Lundborg and Dagens Nyheter

Artist Lap-See Lam’s work uses different technologies from virtual reality to 3-D scanning to produce digital installations that reproduce the interiors of Chinese restaurants in the artist’s native Stockholm. As a second generation Swedish-Cantonese artist, Lam reflects upon how these spaces are imbued with a richness of meaning as well as stereotyped and fetishized visions. The subject has appeared in various iterations in recent years, with both Mother’s Tongue (2018) and Phantom Banquet (2019–20), forming part of an ongoing series of work that negotiates the layered immigrant experience in Sweden. It weaves together the personal and the mythical. Her work considers notions of belonging as she examines heritage, metaphorical spaces, time, technological and cultural clashes, and the Cantonese diaspora in Sweden.

Works by This Artist