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Works, From Home, A New Mural Project from the Albright-Knox Public Art Initiative

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Buffalo, NY – Today the Albright-Knox announced that the museum’s Public Art Initiative has partnered with sixteen artists throughout Western New York to create a mural, painted in sections in each artist’s own home or studio, that will be displayed after the COVID-19 crisis subsides. Each artist will work in their own space with materials provided by the museum and will document their progress on their personal social media channels using the hashtags #AKPublicArt and #WorksFromHome. The location of the finished work is yet to be determined.

The Public Art Initiative has assembled small kits containing mural supplies from the museum’s inventory, including precut sections of primed material called Polytab, and high-pigment, UV-resistant acrylic paints. Polytab, when painted with acrylics, can be adhered to a wall using a clear acrylic gel, creating a resilient mural. The Public Art Initiative has previously used this method in the creation of Betsy Casañas’s mural Patria, Será Porque Quisiera Que Vueles, Que Sigue Siendo Tuyo Mi Vuelo (Homeland, Perhaps It Is Because I Wish to See You Fly, That My Flight Continues to Be Yours), 2017, on Niagara Street and Welcome Wall, 2017, on Fillmore Avenue by Keir Johnston and Ernel Martinez.

The artists participating in Works, From Home include Obsidian Bellis, Julia Bottoms, Tricia Butski, Fotini Galanes, Jay P Hawkins, Ashley Johnson, Jon Mirro, MJ Myers, Sarah Myers, Karle Norman, Omniprism, Chris Piontkowski, Jennifer Ryan, Jason Seeley, Rachel Shelton, and Adam Weekley.

“When thinking about the collection of the Albright-Knox, we’re reminded that many of the museum’s cherished artworks were created in times of turmoil, upheaval, or challenge,” said Curator of Public Art Aaron Ott. “Artists often have an uncanny ability to channel an era, a cultural zeitgeist, and visionary truths in times like these. Many artists have found such times of turbulence catalysts to their artistic practice. In response to COVID-19, we hope to continue this creative tradition and use our own resources to help local artists produce timely work.”