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Poetry-Inspired Sculpture

Featuring Lesley Dill's Divide Light #2, 2002

Lesley Dill (American, born 1950). Divide Light #2, 2002. Paper, glue, thread, tea, and pins, 38 x 4 1/2 x 3 inches (96.5 x 11.4 x 7.6 cm). Collection Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York; George Cary Fund, 2003 (2003:17). © 2002 Lesley Dill.

Lesson Plan Details

Conceptual Basis

Lesley Dill uses text, often inspired by literature, in her symbolic sculptures. In Divide Light #2, 2002, Dill finds her inspiration in Emily Dickinson’s poem “Banish Air from Air . . . .” By combining text with a sculpture of her own hand, she captures her feelings and thoughts on the literary piece. This lesson focuses on Dickinson’s free-verse poetry and the symbolic uses of the text-based art of Lesley Dill. Students will study and discuss poetry, create their own poems, and design a sculpture combining the two art forms.