Guidelines for Requesting Loans

In accordance with our mission to engage and empower widening, inclusive audiences, the Buffalo AKG Art Museum loans program lends objects from its permanent collection to museums and institutions worldwide. Loan requests are considered based on the art-historical importance and scholarly merit of the Borrower’s exhibition, the condition and availability of the object, and the ability of the Borrower to properly care for the object. 

Requests for loans must be received by the Buffalo AKG at least twelve months before the exhibition opening date to accommodate the processing and preparation of the loan. The Buffalo AKG’s outgoing loans program receives a large volume of requests, so late requests may not be accommodated. If late requests are approved, they will be subject to additional charges. All loans are subject to the approval of the Buffalo AKG Director and review by the Buffalo AKG Board of Directors. 

Required Documentation 

The following documents and information are required for a loan request to be considered:

The formal request letter on letterhead should be sent to Janne Sirén, Peggy Pierce Elfvin Director of Buffalo AKG Art Museum. 
Janne Sirén, PhD  
Peggy Pierce Elfvin Director  
Buffalo AKG Art Museum 
1285 Elmwood Avenue  
Buffalo, NY 14222-1096  

The formal request letter should include the following information: 
-    Outline the academic and educational benefits of the exhibition 
-    List of the requested object(s) from the Buffalo AKG’s permanent collection, including museum accession number 
-    Principal organizer of the exhibition and all participating venues, including projected exhibition dates and exhibition title 
-    Contact information for organizing staff 

A facility report for each venue (an American Alliance of Museums or equivalent format for international institutions) must accompany the loan request letter. 

Loan Costs  

The Buffalo AKG charges an Administrative Fee per object, per venue, for all loans. 
In addition to the Administrative Fee, the Borrower shall bear all expenses of the loan, which may include but are not limited to: 

-    Conservation 
-    Conservation Assessment  
-    Courier travel 
-    Crate demolition 
-    Crating 
-    Handling and Packing 
-    Insurance 
-    Rights and Reproductions 
-    Shipping 
-    Special Preparation
-    Additional costs related to the loan as itemized on the Borrower’s Agreement