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Talk—Never Afraid of Influence: The Intimate Rivalry Between Picasso and Matisse, 1906–1917

By Sebastian Smee, Art Critic, The Boston Globe

Thursday, December 8, 2016

6:30 pm EST

© Pat Greenhouse


On the occasion of Picasso: The Artist and His ModelsBoston Globe art critic Sebastian Smee will speak about the complex dynamic between Picasso and Matisse in the first decade of their acquaintance. Both artists were making breakthroughs that would redefine art in the 20th century. Both were also learning from one another, even as they competed for leadership of the avant-garde and for the support of crucial collectors and dealers, including Leo, Gertrude, and Sarah Stein, and Ambroise Vollard. He will trace the course of this intimate rivalry, and speculate about the psychological dynamics at its heart.

Picasso: The Artist and His Models features paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints by Pablo Picasso from the Albright-Knox's collection alongside iconic paintings on loan from museums in both Europe and the United States, exploring the career of this protean artist between 1906 and the mid-1960s. It is on view from November 5, 2016, to February 19, 2017.