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Historypin: Tifft House

September 3, 2015

Screenshot of Tifft House on the Albright-Knox Art Gallery's Historypin channel.

The Tifft Estate had owned this property since its construction in 1865 but they would not renew the lease after the Pan-American Exposition ended in 1902. The consensus was that the building had served its purpose during the Pan-American Exposition as a hotel to accommodate many of the visitors of the Exposition. After 28 years of business, it was to be demolished in order to make space to build the William Hengerer Company Store in 1903. The store has been extensively remodeled over the years, converted into office space, and renamed as Lafayette Court. On this location, previously was the Phoenix Hotel, from 1816 through 1865. This hotel was torn down for the construction of the Tifft House. 

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