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Exhibition of the Work of the Eminent Jugoslav Sculptor Ivan Meštrović

Sunday, February 15, 1925Sunday, March 15, 1925

This major monographic exhibition featured the sculpture of Ivan Meštrović. Born in the small Croatian village of Vrpolje, Meštrović was introduced to sculpture as a stonecutter's apprentice while still a teenager. He later moved to Vienna, where he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and began exhibiting with the Vienna Secession, and Paris, where he encountered the work of and became friendly with Auguste Rodin. Throughout his career, Meštrović maintained a strong passion for his homeland of Croatia and its people, and many of his sculptures take their subjects from Croatian epics and folktales as well as Biblical narratives. 

Organized by A. Conger Goodyear with the assistance of Anna Glenny Dunbar, a local Buffalo artist and the museum's honorary curator of sculpture, the exhibition also traveled to the Brooklyn Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago.