IDEA Action Plan

As we open the Buffalo AKG Art Museum, we are striving to incorporate the principles set forth in our Unity of Purpose Statement throughout all our work. This will ensure that the Buffalo AKG begins its new chapter in the history of the institution with Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility centered in all aspects of how we engage with people—our leadership, staff, volunteers, members, and community.

Following the opening of the Buffalo AKG, we commit to continuing the journey of ensuring that the values of this plan inform the development and operation of the museum.

The museum's Inclusive Culture Team is coordinating ongoing efforts on the following IDEA Action Items.

Action Area 1: IDEA Strategic Direction

  • Action Item 1.1: Align AK Strategic Plan and IDEA Plan

Action Area 2: IDEA Leadership and Governance

  • Action Item 2.1: Create oversight structure for IDEA initiatives

Action Area 3: People and Inclusive Culture

  • Action Item 3.1: Recruit and hire more people of color to the staff, especially at the leadership level
  • Action Item 3.2: Standardize recruitment and onboarding procedures
  • Action Item 3.3: Increase diversity of volunteers and docents

Action Area 4: Policies, Performance, and Accountability

  • Action Item 4.1: Conduct review of staff-related policies and practices through an IDEA lens; ensure application and accountability
  • Action Item 4.2: Develop an IDEA evaluation and accountability plan and processes
  • Action Item 4.3: Develop inclusive style principles and guidelines

Action Area 5: Resourcing IDEA

  • Action Item 5.1: Develop an IDEA budget
  • Action Item 5.2: Develop internal and external communications plans for IDEA
  • Action Item 5.3: Adopt a land acknowledgment statement

Action Area 6: Vendor Diversity

  • Action Item 6.1: Create and implement a policy to use BIPOC and woman-owned vendors when financially possible

Action Area 7: Products, Programs & Services

  • Action Item 7.1: Build a more inclusive membership program
  • Action Item 7.2: Identify role of IDEA in the indoor Town Square
  • Action Item 7.3: Evaluate programs and exhibitions with IDEA lens

Action Area 8: Community Engagement, Outreach, and Partnerships

  • Action Item 8.1: Develop a community engagement plan
  • Action Item 8.2: Establish a plan for Advisory Panel(s) going forward