Art Truck Terms of Agreement


The partner/organization must provide the following:

  • Current information for the primary contact at the activity.
  • A safe environment at the location of the activity.
  • Either street parking within reasonable distance of entrance ways to the event or a space the size of at least two passenger car widths within the parking lot at the location of the event.
  • Publicity for the event.

Cancellation Policy

  • If a partner organization needs to cancel an Art Truck visit they should contact the Art Truck Program Coordinator at least one week ahead of the scheduled event. If the cancelation is made 48 hours or less ahead of the event the partner organization agrees to pay a cancellation fee of $75, unless the cancellation is due to inclement weather or a similar emergency.
  • Cancellations can also be made by the Art Truck Program Coordinator due to hazardous conditions or inclement weather at the proposed location.
  • The Art Truck Program Coordinator, in coordination with the partner organization, may cancel an activity if a substantial number of estimated attendees are not present.